• Danish courses for adult foreigners

    Welcome to Sprogcentret at Campus Bornholm - welcome to Danish courses.

Danish Education is for foreign adults, who want to learn Danish.

Before you start the Danish Education 1, 2 or 3, the counselor at the Danish Education Center will invite you to an interview to decide which Danish Education is right for you.

It is important that you start your Danish Education immediately after or as soon as possible when you arrive in Denmark, as you are entitled to Danish Education for 5 years from the date you receive your residence permit.

Danish Education 1, 2 and 3


This course is for individuals with little or no previous schooling and no knowledge of the Roman alphabet. The course concludes with the Danish 1 test.


This course is for individuals with 8 to 10 years of schooling. The course concludes with the Danish 2 test.


This course is for individuals with at least 12 years of schooling and good knowledge of a foreign language. The course concludes with the Danish 3 test.

Each Danish Education has 6 levels, you have to pass all 6 levels/tests before you can have the final state-certified Danish test.
The state-certified tests are held twice a year.


If you are an employee, the spouse of an employee or student you can start the Danish course if you pay a deposit of 2.000,- DKK .

The deposit must be transferred to an account at Nykredit Bank – reg. nr. 8117 kontonummer 4018820. Remember to write your name.

You can also use MobilePay: 64390 

For abroad transactions:

IBAN: DK3781170004018820

FVU as a supplement

At Campus Bornholm it is also possible to have FVU (Forberedende voksenundervisning) as a supplement to the Danish Education when you have passed module 3 in Danish Education 3.

FVU is a free offer for adults who wish to improve their reading and writing skills.

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DANISH COURSES for adult foreigners
Sprogcentret, Campus Bornholm
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Gertrud Klyver
Tel: 6012 1815

Director of Education and Training:
Kristine F. Pedersen
Tel: 3065 0257



  • Kristine Pedersen

    Uddannelsesleder og prøveansvarlig
    Sprogcenteret & AVU, FVU og OBU
    2810 8182
  • Gertrud Klyver

    Uddannelsesvejleder og underviser
    Sprogcentret og FVU Start
    6012 1815
  • Anne Marie Kofoed Andersen

    Sekretær og prøveansvarlig
    3065 0217


In order to begin a Danish course, you must have a referral from the job centre in the Regional Municipality of Bornholm.

It can take up to one month from the date on which you contact the job centre before you receive a reply from the school.

Landemærket 26
3700 Rønne
Tel.: 7025 1010